Thursday, March 19, 2009

Exam 70-541 – Developing for WSS 3.0 Study Guide

One of my goals for 2009 is to get certified in SharePoint development. I have found that you can get some good/cheap/professional online training from Microsoft Learning.  If you go to this link Microsoft eLearning Collection and follow the instructions, you can obtain the e-learning promotion code.  Then you get to use this code to choose ANY training material for only $35.00.  I have chosen the Collection 5385, which coverts all of the topics needed for the 70-541 test.

  • Course 5386: Working with Server and Site Objects WSS 3.0
  • Course 5387: Programmatically Securing WSS 3.0 Sites
  • Course 5388: Programming Lists and List Events in WSS  3.0
  • Course 5389: Managing Documents and Libraries in WSS 3.0
  • Course 5390: Working with List Metadata and Content Types in WSS 3.0
  • Course 5391: Customizing Navigation and Layout in WSS 3.0

Their course is very interactive. It contains videos, labs, code snippets, games, etc


Once you finish with the course, then you can start doing the interactive labs. Microsoft gives you one full hour to use on the virtual labs.  I’ve found that this is plenty of time to complete the labs, if you don’t do the extra assignments.


The only issue I have with the labs, is that I wish I could get a hold of the solution code that is being used in those labs.

Overall, I did like the simplicity of these labs.  I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to pass the exam 70-541.

I took the 70-541 test today.  It is a 3:00 hour test.  According to my calculations, I needed to get 41/59 correctly answered questions in order to pass. I did get more than 41 questions correctly answered. ;)    At the end of the test, I have but 22 minutes left, time flies when you are having fun.!

Hints for the test?  Setup your own VPC and a Domain Controller, so that you can go explore web parts and Document Workflows a little deeper than what they offer on the eCourse.  It certainly helped me a lot… ;)