About me

Hi there.
You can always contact me on any of the social media outlets:
Twitter, Linked-In

Started programming on Borland C++ 2.0. Enough said. ;)
I still remember using these OS's:  NeXT Computer System, HP-UX, Sun Microsystem, DR DOS

Currently I'm enjoying all aspects of modern development. Specially on SharePoint (Admin, Dev, IW).  For the past few years, I've doing everything from Migrations, InfoPath, Web Parts, Branding, Clusters, Reporting Services, Kerberos, ADFS, WF.

In my free time, I'm now trying to learn some XAML and writting an app for the Windows Store.

Technical Side:  MS certs on Biztalk Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server. MCSD. blah.

My true passion is on the local communities. You can always find me at any of the local UG's:  SharePoint,  .NET,  SQL,  Mobile Dev,  Cloud Computing

Community:  Member of the steering committee for the BuckeyeSPUG, volunter for Stir Trek, Member of the SharePoint Saturday Columbus committee.

Programming for kids
Parent mentor for the St. Charles Robotics Team #4269