Monday, July 22, 2013

RT 8.1 update–Windows Store not working with multiple profiles

Now that I have take the plunge and update to the 8.1 preview, I have been showing all of the features of the 8.1.  Logging as a different user takes a while.  It needs to apply all of the updates to the new profile.

However, whenever you try to access the store with this profile, an error message shows up: “We weren't able to connect to the Store. This might have happened because of a server problem or the network connection time out. Please wait a few minutes and try again.”


Looking everywhere on the web, I’ve followed this article and download and install this app from Microsoft. After a reboot, it still didn’t  work.  Went to the PC Settings and perform a windows update.  It said that it found some fixes, applied them, reboot.  Still the market place is not working.

I’ve noticed that there is a message when you open the store. However, it quickly gets hidden by the error message.  The message is something about your account. Sign in with a Microsoft Account. Weird, since this account was working properly prior to the update to 8.1. 

FixClick on PC Settings, Accounts, Your Account.  You will see the that it is now requiring to verify this account.


Once you click the Verify, it will ask you to type your password,


Type in your password, and you will be all set.  Now, go back to the Windows Store and it will work.

Note: you will need to do this step to every user profile you have on the RT