Friday, July 13, 2007

SWIFT Accelerator v.2.3 not working on Vista - Part 2

I guess that there was a reason I attended the Technical Training on the SWIFT Accelerator for Biztalk. Technically speaking, the SWIFT Accelerator does not work under Vista, because it requires WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services) 2.0 with SP-2.

However, in my rush to try to view how the accelerator work, I downloaded the Message Pack and not the Accelerator installation. The accelerator is a separate component that you must pay for (it is licensed on a per CPU basis).

The Message Pack are just updates to the Schemas and Infopath forms that are version specific. Microsoft release these updates to go alongside the new versions from SWIFT.

Getting trained by the SWIFT guys themselves was very informative.! From their perspective, their organization has not have the level of success that they have in other countries of the world. I believe that they mentioned something in the neighborhood of over 200+ countries associated with the SWIFT.

If you want to get familiar with the SWIFT and its Accelerator in Biztalk 2006, check out these 2 webcast on the MSDN:
  1. Using the Biztalk Accelerator for SWIFT (Level 200) - (30minutes)
  2. Inside the BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT (Level 300) - (1.5hrs)
Something I got from the training is that Microsoft has invested quite a lot of effort and time getting this accelerator working the way it is. It is quite amazing at all of the functionality you get right out of the box after you installed it. All of the BRE and the Infopath forms are just great.

Once you install the SWIFT Accelerator in Vista, you get all of the messages, samples, and documentation. However, you won't get MRSR InfoPath forms. Also, you wont get the Message Repair and Reconciliation modules.

Just as an FYI, these are the SWIFT messages you will get when installing the Accelerator:
  • GPA and FIN System Messages
  • Customer Payments Cheques
  • Financial Institutions Transfers
  • Money Market Derivatives
  • Collection Cash Letters
  • Security Markets
  • Treasury Markets
  • Document Credits Guarantees
  • Travelers Cheques
  • Cash Management Customer Status.
There is tons of information on the SDK. I specifically like how they put the BRE inside the pipelines so that they can apply Rules to both incoming/outgoing messages.

I hope in the future I will have an opportunity to work with this Accelerator. It seems so robust and fits perfectly to solve the problem at hand.

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