Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Quick Solutions, Inc.

I have been working with Quick Solutions for over a year now, and all I can say is WHOAH.! The people in here are just amazing, down to earth. We are not just another employee, we are owners.! (literally). QSI is big, yet it is still small enough that you can always run into management and they know your name.

Which great power, comes great responsibility (hummm. I can copyright that one...;) One of the great things that QSI (Quick Solutions,Inc.) has is that is likes to take care of his *owners*. In this post-internet era, there are not that many companies that offer perks to their employees.

QSI, has lots of perks. One of the most valuable one is that we hired very talented people, and we are always passionate about technology. We do grok talks on different topics, Tech-nights, we have a very powerful mentoring program, we are always active with the developer community, etc.

The other perks, include things like a week at a Condo in Florida (Sanibel Island), Maid Cleaning services, Cash bonuses, Family outings, etc. Not to mention the open-accounting system, in which every week we get reports on how the company as a whole is doing financially. And not just reports, but actual numbers.! This builds confidence and a sense of ownership.

What a great company to work for.!!!

BTW, we are always looking for passionate people about technology to come and join us. We currently have several positions open, so if you would like to be not just on the cutting edge, but on the BLEEDING edge, drop us a line.

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