Friday, April 27, 2007

Biztalk Services

Internet Service Bus? yikes, I am still waiting at the bus stop for the ESB one so that I can do a transfer. :(

Brian wrote a very informative post on the internet service bus concept. Check it out here.

The demo they have at the biztalk labs is ok. I was able to create a personal identity card in less than 5 minutes. Useless, but fun. Then I try to use the Relay Service, and it tells me that I need a Managed Card. WTF? Once again, I think the technology is in its infancy right now, so I am not risking anything by waiting for a few more months for it to mature.

Also the recommended OS to do any development with it is windows 2003. Oh com'on, I am in cloud nine running Vista 64bits, I am not going back...;)

I guess that there are always those VPC's to take you back to nostalgia lane.

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Monish Nagisetty said...

I like the recommendation about the development OS. :) However, I am currently following your recommendation and running BizTalk VPCs from within my Vista host. It works well until I start running more than 2 VPCs. My RAM utilization goes up to 1.7GB! I am going to keep trying..