Monday, January 07, 2008


So there is this new unique conference that will take place THIS week. It is a nice, well thought out conference unlike anything I have been before. It has the feel of a CodeCamp but with a wider selection of topics.

The main theme is not to hear Microsoft talk about how great are its products (which they are..!!!) or to hear about how Java is so awesome that it is everywhere. No. The conference is about learning other technologies. Seeing what else is out there. Learn something outside your comfort zone. That's the key to this conference.

Last year's Codemash was awesome, it was nice to see how people were embracing the new paradigm of learning something new.

This year we were promised a lot more quality sessions by great speakers, not to mention the keynotes... (Scott Hanselman, Neal Ford, Brian Goetz).

And the Kalahari resort is an awesome place to see a real-live herd of white-pasty-oversize-developers with their offsprings... ;)

Dan and Matt build this cool Session scheduler..!! Here is my agenda for Codemash: Agenda for Arnulfo Wing.

I am looking forward seeing some Eyebrows being shaved this year (shaved heads is not cool anymore... ;)

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