Monday, January 14, 2008

KidzMash @ Codemash

CIMG5353 I had an opportunity to volunteer some time for Kidzmash at Codemash. This is a great way to try to influence young minds to stay on a technical career.
The slides and sample code that I was "planning" on using can be downloaded here.

Jim Holmes, told me that he did not know how many kids will come or what the ages were. Well, I have volunteered before at my son's school, and I had 30 kids in the computer lab [previous post]. Of course,the kids at school were 10-13yr-olds that knew how to read and type on a computer..... ;)

Hello KidzMash..!! I had like 10+ kids with their parents showing up. Oldest one? 9-year-old.!! Youngest one? 5-month baby... yikes..!! I asked who knew how to read.? like 4-5 hands went up.

After about 5 minutes of Kids Programming Language (KPL), where you could hear crickets on the background, I decided to dump KPL, and I switch to Scratch.

Scratch is programming tool developed by MIT, to teach kids about programming concepts. I have download Scratch about 2 weeks ago, and I have put it to the test with my kids and they were able to use it within 5 minutes. Since this program is aimed at a younger age, I decided to use this program.

Kids were more receptive to this program. Thanks goodness.!! Here is the link for Scratch:

Doodle Game included:

image The intuitive editor for some of the graphics is just plain simple, they were able to draw, and play with this one character all of the time.!!

I have asked for volunteers helpers, and they were all raising their hands to take a turn at using the laptop. :D

Once again, this was just another way to influence young minds to the wonderful world of programming.


blindman said...

Arnulfo influencing young minds...
...that's what restraining orders were created for.

Arnulfo Wing said...

blindman...relax, now you feel sleepy, very sleepy.... now, pretend you are a smart dba... when I snap my fingers you will wake up and feel that ORM's are good for you and that you were wrong all along... ;)