Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Amazon Web Services and Ruby

I have been using Amazon Web Services for quite some time.  I have a large collection of DVD's, and a fairly amount of eBooks.  I have written applications against the aws to get detail information for specific books and stuff.  My user interface skills are much to be desired  ;), but the important thing in here, is that Amazon, make it very easy to connect and query their services.


Today, I attended the Ruby user's group meeting.  The presenter was Mike Culver from Amazon.com, his title is Web Services Evangelist. How cool of a title is that.?  During his presentation, he mentioned how Amazon is empowering developers to come out with creative ideas on how to use these services.

He showcased 2 websites that are kind of unique in the way of their approach using the AWS.  One of them created a full front end to amazon.com, so that they can get referrals:  www.tvmojo.com

The other site that is more impressive is www.zoomii.ca this one is really neat.  The user interface is very visual, and for what I saw seems to be very resource intensive.  Unfortunately, the site is still in Beta, and it is not open for the public, but trust me, it is very interesting.

In all, I did learned quite a few things out of this meeting about Ruby. One of these days I will write my first hello world on Ruby, or maybe I might take the challenge like Steve Harman suggested and write my own blog engine using Ruby... :P

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