Sunday, March 30, 2008

DVD Collection = 800..!

I have finally reached a milestone [800 dvd's..!] in my DVD collection.


These are the last 25 dvd's that I have added to my collection. The software that I used to keep track of my massive collection is DVD Profiler.  This software allows me to keep track of all of the details on my collection.  From how much I have spent, to when did I purchased it, location, etc.  It also allows me to keep track of dvd's that I have loaned to friends. There is even a section about ratings, choosing a random movie to watch, etc.  Well worth the price of it [$25.00]. The price includes putting your collection online. Here you can view my complete collection online.


General information on my collection.


noticed that the average price for this year is about $6.13 / dvd..!!


The number one question I get asked is how much have I spent?  Not a secret. In this chart you can see, is not that I am buying less in the past 3 years.  Instead, it is that the price of the DVD's have significantly come down.  Also, I am buying mostly used DVD's, so it affects the average price I am paying for them.



James Bender said...

You're gonna be real disappointed with the "Rise of Taj" DVD.

Gah, what an awful movie. :(

Arnulfo Wing said...

I like the Harold and Kumar movie, so I am setting my expectations high on this one. Thanks for the info.