Friday, January 19, 2007


First day of Codemash. You can feel that this is going to be a different type of conference from the moment you walk in. One of my favorite question to ask is: Where are you from? and How did you hear about Codemash?

One guy was from out of state. He mentioned that he drove 6hrs to get here.! Apparently it was a lot faster to drive here, than to take a flight to Cleveland, rent a car and drive to Sandusky. Whoa, talk about commitment.! How he heard about Codemash? His wife's friend heard about it somewhere. Then his wife told him to check it out and that's how he ended up in here. My next question was about technology. What technology he was using. Well, surprise, surprise he is a PHP developer.

Most of the other people that I have spoken to, have heard about Codemash through their user's group. Which again promotes the fact that Codemash is really a community event. It seems to be all word 0f mouth at this point.

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