Thursday, January 04, 2007

Microsoft 070-552 Certification

What I did for my x-mas vacation:

In 2005 I was fortunate enough to join the geekiest of the geek in a road trip. This was the VS launch event in Detroit, MI. In the launch event, all of the attendees got some swag. One of the best one was a free voucher for a Microsoft Certification test.

Since this voucher was going to expire on December 31, I decided to use it and take shot at one of the new certification test. This would really give me a true assessment of my kung-fu skills in the art of .NET. I chose the 70-552 which is the upgrade exam for going from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0 certification.

This test was a MONSTER!!. 3.5hrs of nothing but sheer in-depth, no holds-barred .NET knowledge. I wished I had practice a little bit more before taking this test. This test is the equivalent of taking 3 separate tests. Needless to say, I did not pass, out of 1000 questions (so it seems after the first 2hrs in there); I only got 52% correct. I will try again on the spring time ;)

I would definitely recommend this test to anyone who wants to test his skills on .NET 2.0.

Hints: after you are done reading CLR via C#, then read it AGAIN and AGAIN, until you memorize it.

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