Thursday, June 28, 2007

Biztalk 2006 Functoids not working on Vista

Trying to create a spyke on a Biztalk Map, I encountered this weird error.

Somehow, when you run Biztalk 2006 under Vista, the functoids do not get the correct XPath parameters. For instance, dragging a connection from the source schema into a functoid, should put the relative XPath for that element:

This is the correct behavior. Now if I tried to do the exact same thing in my Vista environment running Biztalk 2006, when I drag a connection from the source schema to the functoid I get a connection.

However, double-clicking the functoid shows that there is no XPath information on it.

Of interest is 2 things that are happening right now:
1. The functoid icon does not display the correct link:

2. Now, while the functoid is in this *connected* state, if you try to delete the functoid without deleting the link first, it crashes Visual Studio....!

It seems from the newsgroups that the only way to get this working under Vista is to put the link on the functoid. Then save and close the map. Then re-open the map. Now the links will be there and the functoid will work as expected. (visual clues and input parameters xpath are now visible.)


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with functoids. Another issue is that Visual Studio crashes when i try to edit in the Configure Table Looping Grid dialog of the Table Looping functoid. Do you know if Microsoft is working to solve this?

Arnulfo Wing said...

I am not sure if Microsoft is working on this. Since they have announced Biztalk R2 to come out sometime before the end of the year, I expect the new version will solve this Vista compatibility issue. I have not yet install R2 on my Vista, so I dont know if this issue is resolved. :D