Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Broken Window Paradigm...

Sometimes we forget the human factor. As a professional I have dealt with people from many layers above me (specially me, I am the bottom feeder in a fish scale). Recently I have encountered the Broken Window Paradigm., A living, real-life broken window..!!

Perhaps you are used to seeing the broken window and keep reminding yourself that one of these days this would all magically go away. Then the days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years. Next thing you know, you have been living with this broken window for so many years that you don't realize it is broken, you just take it for granted.

Then comes new people. They see this broken window and inquire about it. What do you say? Don't worry, I will deal with it and fix it. Then you developed rules to which you try to prevent anyone from looking into this window. To you perhaps this is just another way of life, to the new people, this is shocking behavior, some might even call it un-professional, un-responsible, un-heard of, etc, etc....

When small rules are disregarded, other things start happening, and they will happen at a very high speed. When it becomes intolerable, then it might get to the point that you would just move and start over, rather than getting a new window.

Perhaps, you are attached to this broken window for so long, that you start bonding with it and don't want to replace it. Sentimental value? As a rule of thumb, a window is cheaper to replace than replacing the whole wall, or for that matter the whole house. So why living with a broken window?

Am I the only one that has not drink from the well?

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